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A community of friends dedicated to improving selves and others in games like Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, Soul Calibur 6, and Mortal Combat XI.

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Host Monthly Tournaments

Salt Lake Skirmish - Where better to have a fighting game tournament than a boxing gym? Newly located at KO Boxing Gym in West Valley-Salt Lake Skirmish has a central location, no age restrictions, and a great player turnout. This is a great place to meet the Utah FGC.

Bar Fights - An over 21 singles and team tournament held in Salt Lake City-downtown at Quarters Bar. Quarters is by far my favorite location due to the nostalgic ambiance and liquid courage. However, age restrictions do apply and tournaments are on Thursday nights which can be hard to make depending on your work/school schedule.

Game Den Fisticuffs - Provo held FG tournament. They have big wooden tables that make plenty of place for setups, an amazing staff with cold beverages to sell, and best of all, tournament entrants get free pizza.

Salt Lake Skirmish Bar Fights Game Den Fisticuffs

Track your Progress

Point System

We track your progress at every GetGood tournament you attend. Earn bonus points for each match you win, placing top 8, and bringing a setup to a GetGood tournament. 4.

Earn a shot at the King

The 8 players who earn the most points throughout the year qualify themselves for the King of the Lake tournament held in November. A winner takes all competition with a relatively large prize pool and a production level Utah has yet to see. This is the focus of all our work, and it's going to be an event you won't want to miss.

Coming Soon

Stat tracking against everyone in the UT scene. You'll be able to see your tournament W/L ratio (private to only you) against everyone you've played throughout the year. This will help you know which matchups you need to work on, and how you're holding up against Utah's finest.

Not Ready for Competition?

Weekly Locals

The best way to GetGood is by coming to locals. There's always people to train with. A great way to get specific advice and things to work on so that you can level up your game.

Can't make it to locals?

Join our Discord! We've got a large group of friends all trying to help each other improve at fighting games. Nightly battle lounges/lobbies where you can get in sets, ask for tips, and get to know your local scene.

Thinking about traveling to the next big event?

Make it cheaper by traveling with a buddy from your local scene. Hit us up in the discord or talk to a GetGood T.O. to figure out who's going to the next big event. Usually we have people going, so now you'll have someone to split a room with and train with during the tournament.

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Is your favorite fighting game not listed?

Let us know! Chances are we've got people in UT that play what you're looking for. We're all here because our love of fighting games, and we'll try and get you in touch with practice buddies to keep your skills sharp and FG alive.

Want to Join the GetGood Crew?

We're always looking for people to help out. Whether it's running a stream at an event, being a T.O. to help us get through matches, or spreading awareness of events through social media and talking to your friends. Shoot us an email with your skills and what you want to help out with, and we'll try and find a fit so you can help build the scene

Want to commentate?

Let us know! We have a stream setup at all Salty Skirmish and Quarters events.